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Sometimes its hard to smile..

..but sometimes its harder to cry

28 July
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Welp, it seems about time I update this, eh?

howdy! My name's Jill- I figure if you're livejournal stalking that'll let you know whether to cry, throw things at the screen or party - and the rest about my age, etc. etc. is pretty unimportant ^^;;

What am I classified as?

-band geek (trombone, baby)
-a small theatre nut, a theatre acorn if you will
-DDR freak
-a bit of a singing addict, who, you know, doesn't sing much or do choir ^^;; But I love to sing when I can *nods* =D
-sick fuck
-infamous slacker
-Quote fanatic
-emo child
-animal buff
-aim stalker
-Livejournal stalker

What can't I be classified as?

-football player (=P Though I did aspire to be one for a while!)
-in desperate need of relationships

Have some pet peeves!

-two letters: i c after writing a five thousand page essay on the meaning of life, your entire life's work, the day before you die, when you send it to someone- you don't want to hear "I C" IN RESPONSE!!! *twitch*
-hypocrits ^^;; regardless, I am one, but that's beside the point >>;;
-morons ><
-those people who ask you in class "what did she say??! WHAT DID SHE SAY?!" and get you in trouble >>;;
-when my dog comes in, pukes on my floor, than happily trots off
-people who don't think DDR is cool, or, even- people who think it's uncool *nods*
-people with no sense of humor

Q: What if I want to add you?
A: Just... add me o.o;;

Q: What if I don't want to add you?
A: Just... don't add me XD

Q: What is the point of this information?
A: @__@ to cure some boredom